At Interweave, we believe it's fair that you only pay for what you use.

With that in mind, we charge a rate of 2 cents per request made. This means that you only pay for the exact number of requests you make, with no hidden fees or complex calculations. Invoices are sent on the first of every month. Verified accounts will receive $5, or 250 requests, per month for free.

You can track your usage and upcoming bill inside the app, ensuring that you have full control over your usage and budget.

Claiming Costs

We understand that some interface owners may want to be responsible for the costs associated with the usage of their interface. For example, an organization that uses Interweave probably doesn't want their employees to be responsible for the usage costs. To configure this, you can specify InterfaceOwner as your billing strategy in your configuration.

// Configuration object
  key: ...,
  fields: ...,
  access: ...,
  billing_strategy: "InterfaceOwner";