When communicating with a third-party API, you'll most likely need to attach an API token to access the resource. Using this field, you'll be able to require a token input before the interface gets loaded.

Authentication tokens need to be identified by a string of your choice. Authentication tokens are project-scoped, so multiple interfaces can require the same token (and only be entered & saved once).

To use the API token, specify the same key in the authentication_key field of a Request. The specified headers will be appended to the request.

const config = {
  key: ...,
  fields: ...,
  access: ...,
  authentication: {
    // This is a project-scoped key, the name is your choice
    // Any interfaces within the same project can refer to the same key
    "my-api-access-key-name": {
        type: "token",
        // These headers will be appended to any request that refers to this key
        headers: {
            authentication: "Bearer {token}"
        // Customize the modal that is displayed when prompting the user to enter the authentication token
        interface: {
            title: "Enter API Token",
            label: "API Token",
            placeholder: "abc123",
            description: "This can be some small info for the user",
            instructions_link: "https://example.com/api-access-instructions"
  requests: {
    get: {
        uri: "https://example.com",
        http_method: "GET",
        // This key should match the key above
        authentication_key: "my-api-access-key-name"



Determines the type of authentication being used.

  • token: An API token that is a single string value.

More options on the roadmap.



Headers object to append to the request. In this object, you can refer to the value of your API token as {token}.



Options to customize the modal that prompts users to input their API token.

Interface Properties

  • title - Modal title
  • label - Input label
  • placeholder - Input placeholder
  • description - Modal description
  • instructions_link - Link for additional instructions