Using Variables


Variables are a useful way to access dynamic aspects of your interface.

Supported Variables

Supported variable objects:

  • row: The selected row in your table
  • parameters: Any Parameters that you may have configured
  • form: Values from the submitted form object via a create Request

Using Variables

To use a variable in your interface, specify the object and subproperty within two opening and closing tags like this <<row.id>>. These parameters are especially useful in requests.

const config = {
  key: ...,
  fields: ...,
  access: ...,
  requests: {
    // Will render a table of data if present
    get: {
      uri: "https://example.com/genres",
      http_method: "GET",
    update: {
        uri: "https://example.com/genres/<<row.id>>",
        http_method: "PATCH",
    delete: {
        uri: "https://example.com/genres/<<row.id>>",
        http_method: "DELETE",